Night Lines / Pillow Talk

by Henry

There's a magic to being out on the mountains at night. The moonlight glitters on the ground and the lightest, fluffiest snow you've ever been on is instead diamond dust crunching under your skins. Barren terrain is juxtaposed against a sky exploding with stars, a spectacular gradient forming where they meet as the darkness blushes from the touch of the frozen peaks.

Look straight up and the horizon is gone, and you know what it's like to float in space, unmoored from the earth. Gravity doesn't exist here, the sharp crests of the horizon crystalized in slow motion waves crashing over millions of years. It's a disconcerting feeling, so you strap in and come back to Earth, ready to feel its pull again as you float over groundless pillows and frozen oceans. At the end of the run you're breathless, the night lines having imbued the air with a fantastical energy you'll never forget.

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